I now have 15+ years experience in graphic design, illustration, 3D modeling, character design, art direction, printing and web design.

These skills have also allowed me to work in the video game industry, the candy and novelty toy industry as well as on several films.

Designing T-shirts online caught the eye of the awesome folks at J!nx.com I was blown away what they had to offer and I'm now a happily employed there full time designing t-shirts full time.

Proud father of Penelope Luna.

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Part-time superhero full-time artist/father.

I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. One was to be a superhero and the other was to be an artist. Since I didn't have a tragic accident happen to my parents in a dark alley or find a radio-active spider to bite me, I decided to go to Platt College and become a Graphic Artist.

Some of the COMPANIES/BRANDS I've created art for